C4D Model Editing Part 2- Merging/Binding Models

Posted on Dec. 14, 2018, 8:30 a.m. by Nibs • Last updated on Dec. 26, 2022, 7:01 p.m.


Hi and welcome to part two of our journey into simple model editing in Cinema4D, or at least how a hackfraud like myself performs model edits. As said previously, this tutorial will cover porting objects, connecting objects, pose morphs, a glance at sculpting tools and adding simple weight binds between an object and joints. Click HERE for Part 1.

Tools You May Need

C4D R17-R19

Lining Up the Model

So you need a model (obviously) to attach your horns to. Most fitting for me is my succubus model (which you can download HERE). Once you load her up, delete her already set horns or just hide them. Next, copy and paste your new horns into the scene.

Right away, rotate the horns by 90 degrees on Rotation H. Set all position coordinates to 0 in order to center it.

Bring the horns up and position it so it's properly placed on the character's face. Once you're satisfied and it looks pretty decently not terrible, click Enable Axis Modification.

In the coordinates section, set everything to 0. This will point your horns' axis to the absolute base of your viewport's grid. Now, there's two ways to approach getting these horns onto your character. We'll tackle the first (and least complicated way first).

Binding the Mesh

Select your horns. Now, select the head bone.

Go to Character -> Commands -> Bind.

The mesh should now properly be bound and weighted onto your character's head. For a simple hackfraud, it ends here. But this tutorial is reserved for the advanced hackfraud.

Merging the Mesh With the Character

A more difficult but more fulfilling way of having an attached model to your character is to merge the models into one. If your horns have any weight tags or skin, delete them before continuing. ALSO ENSURE BOTH MESHES HAVE MATCHING COORDINATES! Select the horns and the Succubus body, right click and press "Connect Objects + Delete". This will join the meshes together and edit your axis to be brought between the two merged meshes.

Enable your Axis Modification again and set your mesh's coordinates to 0. Then, go to Character -> Skin. Drag the skin to underneath the body/horn mesh and hopefully your character doesn't implode. If it does, reread the previous steps thoroughly.

Weighting the Merged Mesh

Go to "Jnt_Head" or whatever your head joint is and go to Character -> Weight Tool. Adjust your settings accordingly, mine in this situation look like this:

Now, you want your horns to be completely and fully weighted to the character's head. So, to do that simply just click on all the black parts of the horns and it should be weighted with ease. Your final results should be this neon colored eyesore:

And another congratulations to you. You have further learned big steps to a proper model edit. In the next part, we will discuss sculpting and morphing.