SFM to Blender skeleton script (Updated for 2.81) Now with automatic IK rig generation!


Ever want to port a SFM model into Blender but the imported skeleton is in unconnected bones which makes posing a complete pain? Here's the solution!

Included are three scripts:

The first script "BoneFixSFM" will connect all bones that should be connected:

All finger bones All arm bones up to the shoulder All spine bones All leg bones up the hips (Toes not included, though I can add them if requested)

The second script "BoneRigSFM" will automatically setup hand and knee IKs, along with corresponding elbow and knee pole targets

Experimental feature so any bugs please report to me on the smutbase discord!

The third script "BoneFixFast" will connect a selected bone to its parent


To use the script, select the skeleton in any mode and open the script with blender's text editor, then hit the "run script" button.

Currently supports the major SFM bone name conventions, if you experience any issues with the script do let me know so I can improve it!

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