Misc Blender Compositor Nodes.

Misc Blender Compositor Nodes.
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Misc Blender Compositor Nodes.
Misc Blender Compositor Nodes.


These are some of the nodes and techniques explained in the Blender Compositor Tutorial - Introduction. cause let's be frank. Copy pasting nodes by hand is for stone-age monkeys. Just append into your project, or your startup file.

Nodes released:

  • Custom Pixelate (Mosiac censoring of various levels of blur.)

  • Chromatic Aberration (Fancy pancy color-shifts.)

  • Vigenette (Babby's first point of focus effect.)

  • Watermark Node (Quick watermark setup so you don't have to repeat the steps everything.)

  • Watermark + Downscale Node (Same as above, just in-case you choose to make a higher res final render.)


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