Japanese Classroom

Japanese Classroom
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Japanese Classroom
Japanese Classroom


Content of this release

  • two classrooms, plus a corridor
  • night/day options, with an additional sunset/dawn modifier
  • possibility to switch on/off the lights in the single rooms


  • to use the properties mentioned above, use the Properties object inside the main collection (the giant gearwheel).
  • do not move the Properties object without moving the scene together. If you need to do that remember to reposition the lights.

Final Notes


  • Barbell for the SFM models


Version 2 (04/01/2020)

  • added readme
  • fixed the shape of the lights (the reflection was wrong - a square instead of a rectangle of the shape of the lights)
  • fixed the normal map of the walls
  • fixed location of the Properties

Version 1 (initial release, 29/12/2019)


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