Mustard Simplify


A scene simplifier for Blender to increase viewport performance.

The add-on essentially disables some scene/object features that affect Viewport performance with one click.

It acts on the Objects in the scene non-destructively (no mesh is edited in any way) and remembering the settings before enabling Simplify. That is, disabling Simplify, the Object (modifier viewport visibility status shape key mute status, etc..) will be reverted to pre-Simplify status.

It does not hide any Object from the scene. If you have very heavy mesh, consider to disable them while animating.

The add-on is still in beta stage, please report any bug!


How to install

Install the .py file (not the archive file) as a standard Blender add-on.

Or load the .py file in the Blender Text Editor and run it as a script, but the add-on will only be valid in the current scene and in the current Blender session.

How to use

  • Click on Simplify Scene and the add-on takes care of disabling all heavy stuffs that might affect your viewport performance.
  • Objects added as exceptions are not part of the Simplify process (nothing from that Object is disabled)
  • Use the Modifiers options to choose which Modifiers to disable with Simplify

Note that Drivers will disable all drivers (if the Object is not in the exceptions). When Simplify is disabled, all those drivers are unmuted. Thus if you want to prevent unwanted unmuting of drivers, consider to add the affected Object to the exceptions.


From some preliminarly benchmarks, I got even +100% on some randomly selected scenes from other people (I could not use my scenes as they are already optimized with MustardUI Simplify).


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