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This is my recreation of the hallway from the Kiriko cinematic, as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9acxn7qAST4 The hallway was made for use in my Kiriko animations. As a result, it's not a perfect recreation, as I focused mostly on the parts that I knew would be visible. All modelling was done by me save for the fire extinguisher which was taken from the game. Textures are either made by me or come from either Poliigon.com, Quixel, or from the game.

How to use:

The scene is constructed with modifiers and instances. This means it is not entirely intuitive how to edit and move objects around. If you wish to make changes to the scene, you'll have to make them to the original object. For example, if you want to edit the material for the ladder, you would find the original ladder objects in the collection "Ladder", make your edits, and then hide the collection again.

This scene is compatible with both Cycles and Eevee, and you can seamlessly switch between the two at any time.

The scene comes with both normal lighting as seen in the opening of the cinematic, and blackout lighting as seen during the climactic fight scene. To switch between the two, use the slider in the Tool menu (press N in the viewport and click on the tab labeled 'Tool"). The slider can be animated if you wish to replicate the blackout moment in the cinematic.

If you are using Eevee, it is important to remember to bake indirect lighting whenever you make changes to the scene or the lighting. As a result, it is not recommended to animate the slider in Eevee, as the lighting won't look as good without baking.

It is recommended that you import your models and objects to this file rather than import the hallway to another file. If you don't, I cannot guarantee that seamless switching between Cycles and Eevee will work, and I cannot guarantee that the blackout control slider will work, as these both rely on scripts that must run on start-up.


How do I change the lighting?

  • To switch between the two, use the slider in the Tool menu (press N in the viewport and click on the tab labeled 'Tool").

How do I import this scene into another file?

  • It is not recommended to import this scene into another file, as I cannot ensure scripts will work properly if you do. However if you wish to do so anyway, just append all collections into a new collection in your other file.

My scale is off, how do I resize the scene?

  • Sorry to hear! The scene is scaled to blender units, meaning doors for instance are roughly 2 meters tall, which means they are the height of 2 default cubes (default cubes are 1x1x1). If your scale is off, I would recommend scaling your models rather than scaling the scene, as it is good practice to adhere to blender units. However if you must resize the scene, you may do so by selecting everything in the "hallway" collection, and ensuring the transform pivot point is set to "Median point", then scaling the scene should work fine.

Is there anything behind the doors?

  • No, what you see is what you get. There is also nothing behind the elevator doors.


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