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So, here is my favorite Battleborn character from the Rogues faction, Orendi! (A.k.a. the best character.)

This is my attempt at rigging her to the best of my current Blender abilities.

I downloaded the model from https://charactermodel.gallery/battleborn/, which has all the characters neatly sorted.

  • Made the rig with Rigify. (Both arms are rigged.)

  • Added some of my own Rig Layers. (Hair, Hat, flappy part of clothes, hand eyes and toes.)

  • Gave her bones to control her toes.

  • All her accessories can be individually turned on/off.

  • Fixed some small UV map placement here and there. There were tiny overlaps in some places.

  • Gave her Shape Keys to make her close her eyes.

  • Gave her Shape Keys to open and close her hand eyes also.

  • Gave her shape Keys to open (drag down) her mask. Left, right and center.

  • Her hand eyes have their own control bone, with "Damp Track" constraints.

  • Her hat/Bandit Mask both have the Modifier:Child_Of on them, so you can take them off.

  • There are 5 Skins included.* The skin "PLAY WITH THE ASHES" has their own accessories outside of the default skin.

*I would have added more skins, but the source I downloaded from has some problems they never fixed? For me almost every single skin was grey. So these where the 5 skins that actually worked for me.

If anyone know where I can find the rest of her skins/textures, I'll add them in.

Her eyelashes where REALLY glossy/shiny, so I tried to fix that, got an ok result.

Some/most part of her texture seems much more glossy/shiny in the Viewport, but when rendering it looks much better.

If there are some major issues, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Have fun with her.


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  Orendi_-_1.0._-_by_Master_Manki_7777.blend   50 2023-05-06 18:01:50 116.45 MB
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Source Filmmaker: Transparancy
Transparency in Source Filmmaker requires more than just having an alpha channel in your diffuse texture.

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