Arasaka Estate (Cyberpunk 2077)

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IMPORTANT: This is not technically a "complete port", this is 11 streaming sectors and contains the majority of the entire Arasaka estate. I was not able to add anymore sectors due to the size becoming unmanageable. I'm aware of missing walls and ground sections, they just have to be worked around but there are many areas complete enough to render. If you are having performance issues I recommend copying just the area you want to render in a project by itself.

DISCLAIMER: This map port is ONLY for Cycles, and there are no plans to modify it to work in any other engines like Evee. It has thousands of material layers so you will want to run this on a pretty hefty PC. It's probably not going to be useable on anything under a GTX 1080 and I recommend at least a 20 series.


Since textures are separate, once you unzip both the blend file and the texture folder just open the blend and go to File>external Data>Find missing files and point it to the location you unzipped the textures to.

Feel free to tag me on Twitter if you use it but not required obviously, happy renders Chooms!

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Exporting streaming sectors to Blender guide:

Special thanks to the creators of these beautiful assets and game at CD Projekt RED and Simarilius, Rfuzzo, and the other wizards at WolvenKit whose hard work makes these ports possible.

Changelog: x


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