Shotguns [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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This contains the Shotguns from Mass Effect Andromeda.

Stuff This Includes:

  • N7 Crusader
  • Pathfinder Deep Impact
  • Dhan
  • Disciple
  • Hesh
  • M-23 Katana
  • M-28 Cora
  • N7 Piranha
  • Reegar Carbine
  • Ruzad
  • Scattershot
  • Shorty
  • Venom

Note that the M-28 Cora is an assumed name - this weapon is not attainable by the player and is only ever seen used by Cora.

Key Features:

  • Color Switching
  • Modular Attachments

Every item has a Properties bone with a whole bunch of custom controls set up to fully control the colors and the setup of the weapon. For colors, this means around 3 different base colors, a pattern with its own color, the color of the metal, the color and brightness of the glowey bits, etc. For the attachments, most weapons have toggleable barrels and melee attachments.

Misc other stuff:

  • Works in Eevee & Cycles.
  • All weapons are fully rigged
  • All textures are included as separate files. The .blend file uses relative file reference and there should be no issues.
  • All original meshes are included as well if you would like to do stuff with them.
  • Blender 3.4 changed how MixRGB nodes work (now Color Mix nodes). As a result, this may not work in earlier versions of Blender.

Credits & Plugs:

BioWare for the Mass Effect Andromeda Assets.

The FrostyEditor team for the mod tools that this could not have been accomplished without.

My Twitter and Tumblr.

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