Collection; Female Legendary Lords - TW: Warhammer 3

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Updated - Missed a few of the female legendary lords, they have been added as seperate downloads and added to the zip file.

Here is a collection of the main female legendary lords that I'm aware of from Warhammer 3.

They're all rigged with materials applied, each one ready for appending into a scene for you to do with you as you please!

All character scales are unmodified, meaning these should be accurate to the size of their models in game!

Collection includes;

Bretonnia: Repanse de Lyonesse *

Bretonnia: The Fay Enchantress *

Cathay: Miao Ying, the Storm Dragon, Master of the Storm Winds (Both human and dragon forms)

Chaos: Valkia the Bloody *

Dark Elves: Morathi

Dark Elves: Crone Hellebron *

High Elves: Alarielle the Radiant

Kislev: Tzarina Katarin

Tomb Kings: High Queen Khalida

Vampire Counts: Isabella von Carstein

Vampire Coast: Aranessa Saltspite

Vampire Coast: Cylostra Direfin

Wood Elves: Ariel

Wood Elves: Naestra & Arahan, Sisters of Twilight

You can download each individual legendary lord on their own, or grab the zip if you want them all in one download!

Model extracted by myself, XenoMaker aided in setting up the material nodes

Blender 3.4 required for loading the material nodes

Original model is from Creative Assembly

If you use the model in your art please tag me and XenoMaker @Samagthra @scaledoperator


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Alarielle.blend   79 2023-01-07 23:51:38 11.95 MB
  Arahan_Naestra.blend   63 2023-01-07 23:51:42 17.21 MB
  Aranessa.blend   58 2023-01-07 23:51:43 10.36 MB
  Ariel.blend   66 2023-01-07 23:51:44 10.94 MB
  CroneHellebron.blend   54 2023-01-08 10:59:26 12.27 MB
  Cylostra.blend   51 2023-01-07 23:51:45 12.9 MB
  Dragon_Storm_Human.blend   62 2023-01-07 23:51:46 12.06 MB
  Dragon-Storm.blend   63 2023-01-07 23:51:48 33.5 MB
  FayEnchantress.blend   56 2023-01-08 11:00:07 11.65 MB
  Isabella_Von_Cartstein.blend   67 2023-01-07 23:51:50 10.43 MB
  Katarin.blend   55 2023-01-07 23:51:52 14.63 MB
  Khalida.blend   54 2023-01-07 23:51:54 13.96 MB
  Morathi.blend   79 2023-01-07 23:51:55 13.8 MB
  Repanse.blend   56 2023-01-08 11:00:08 11.54 MB
  Valkia.blend   61 2023-01-08 11:00:09 14.58 MB   107 2023-01-08 11:04:02 159.62 MB
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