Cyberpunk 2077 Weapon Pack + Edge Runner DLC Weapons (Cycles Only)


[CP2077 Guns and Melee Weapons extracted with Wolvenkit and optimized for Blender with working RIG.]

There are total of 50 Guns and 27 melee weapons, and 16 scope attachments.

In game color presets, customizable decals and attachments are also included. Which means you can change the color to your liking and put some Militech stickers or Arasaka stickers or anything you like, as long as that weapon lets you. You can change the parts on some legendary weapons also.

As you can probably imagine, it took a crazy amount of time to compile all these data. Initinally, I was going to rig all the scopes to each guns but it was going to take another whole month doing just that and I didn't have time for. So for scopes only, you are going to have to figure out and rig it for yourself if you'd like to use them on your guns.

READ ME ALSO: Most weapons are included but with exception of Grenades and few gadgets, missing very few common weapons and exotic weapons. For these, I couldn't find either textures or models. Interestingly, I was able to discover what seem to be unused weapons in the file systems, those were included into pack. Edge Runner DLC weapons included.

Some weapons don't reflect actual models from the game - Mainly reasoning, some decals and details weren't able to extract. That applies to some weapons hologram sights. In that case, I made my versions of it and attached to it instead. It should look fine and basic but if you don't like it you can always disable it or make your own.

TO CHANGE WEAPON COLORS: Select the weapon parts and look at the material tabs. There are few presets of colors extracted from the game. Enter into edit mode, select all vertex, then apply the material you want to show on that vertex.

Your feedbacks are important sometimes: Blend file should load up just fine but if you load all models into view your computer memory usage will go over 32GB+. There shouldn't be much reason to but unless you have 64GB of RAM, don't enable too many models at the same time. If you have any other issues leave it in the comment.

Assets copyright belongs to CD Projekt Red ®


  • Nov 16th 2022 - Public Release v1


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