Gotham Knights Batgirl - Knightwatch Skin

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Batgirl's Knightwatch skin from Gotham Knights.

Looks best in Cycles but still looks decent in Evee. All preview images were rendered with Cycles.

NOTE: This model needs some Quality of Life work that is beyond my expertise, but it is definitely still usable. Anyone is free to modify and enhance it as they wish, including uploading NSFW versions to Smutbase (pls). The model needs a rig and probably a total remake of the face bones (these are straight from the game model and are not good).

This model is a Blender port of an XPS port. I spent most of my time with this model reworking the materials and textures to better work with Blender. I think the final result looks very accurate to the game, and I made sure to use the proper detail maps in the right places. I utilized nodes quite a bit for this model's materials, so porting this to SFM or another program would be a decent undertaking without incurring a severe loss of material and detail quality.

  • If you are interested in porting this, know that most of the normal maps OR detail maps will need their green channels inverted (which type of map you need to invert depends on if the program you are porting to supports OpenGL or DirectX normal maps. The detail maps included with this model are OpenGL format, the rest of the normal maps are DirectX. If you are unsure which map is which, check the material nodes and see which textures have their green channels inverted, as they are the DirectX maps). If this is not done correctly then bumps in the normal maps will appear as indentations and vice versa. Blender supports OpenGL, so for all of the DirectX normal maps that needed their green channels inverted I inverted through Blender's material nodes.


  • Original model and textures - Warner Bros Montreal

  • XPS port and initial model/texture extraction and conversion - MrUncleBingo (DeviantArt)

  • Additional texture extraction and Blender conversion - GTA R0CKS (Me)

  • Creation of additional textures - GTA R0CKS (Me)


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  Gotham_Knights_Batgirl_V1.0.blend   168 2022-11-06 22:33:49 332.34 MB
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Importing SFM Maps into Blender
REDxEYE recently updated his SourceIO plugin. The latest version allows you to import SFM maps.

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