Judy Hopps 3.0 (SFW)

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A safe-for-work Judy Hopps. Upgraded version of the one that can be found on blendswap.

Changes include:

  • Entirely new fur (inc. material. Still using "old" hair particle system because the new hair system is entirely unsuitable for fur in it's current state)

    New textures for belt+pouches (UDIMs)

    Reduction in total materials used

    Poses (currently only salute and a pose for the ears in a down position)

    All (hopefully) materials updated to PBR

    Geonode setup for tension/stretch maps to dynamically show wrinkles on clothing (only setup for shirt currently)

    Physics for the ears (select head object and go to custom properties and change Physics Ears to 1 to enable). Not perfect, but it's decent.

No major changes to the rig since it's already pretty damn good. Only change is that the two other bones for the eyelids now follow the "main" bone for the eyelid (via constraints) so it's easier to animate them closing.

Model made in blender 3.0. May break in earlier versions.


rig ui broke at some point. Can't be bothered atm to spend the time debugging the script. For now, to switch between IK and FK you must go to layers 5 and 6 (top row) and then select the hand IK bones. Then, go to Bone Properties > Custom Properties and change IKFKSwitch to 1(IK) or 0(FK)


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