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"Help me! Someone help me!" All he wanted to do was sleep a little more...but alas, the damsel was in distress. SilentCubes, back with another project for your...projects. This project was not listed amongst my plans for this year, but I felt it necessary for my future projects, just happens I guess. I originally had something smaller planned for September as I wanted something bigger for October, we shall see. As you may have guessed from the posted images, this was inspired by a fantasy setting that we're all familiar with, but it is not an exact replica and that is on purpose. I won't explain but it will help moving forward, I hope. Anyway, I intended this to be mostly useful as an interior location and thought why not try some stuff in the exterior as well since the inspiration draws from both.

sigh I was stumped when it came to the [optional] lighting for this compared to my previous project, which garnered nice reception. Sorry, I couldn't exactly replicate it this time around, but there is always room for improvement. There are some light sources that may be of use as a start and then expanded upon. Nothing is rigged but there are some doors that can be rotated, if necessary, to reveal some treats! There are again optional volume boxes that have been tweaked [read: experimental], adjust as necessary. I have attached an HDRI with some background lighting adjustments in the world shader, along with a sky that has coloring for day or night settings. Use the attached empty to adjust ‘clouds.’ Per usual, all optional.

Aside from the heart jars (earlier asset done in Substance Painter), all textures are procedural.

Special thanks to @Lewdgazer [Twitter] for advice on proportions! I hope this time the interior is more accessible when importing characters. Speaking of proportions, with revision from last time, the building is only about 17m x 13m x 6m. The terrain is 86m².

Made with Eevee rendering in mind, but should be fine with cycles as well [working to make options for both].

As a note: All feedback is welcome, encouraged even. Please @me if you use this environment; Twitter: @SilentCubes

More to come!

NB: Bonus image with Jennifer as scale


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