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Can you go another round? SilentCubes ready with another small environment for your enjoyment. This time I went with something more convenient and nonetheless fun for me. This was slightly inspired by someone that took Sims 4 characters and assets, threw them in the Blender and made an animation with lighting that Sims 4 should've had officially; but I digress. Anyway, I hope everyone using my environments are enjoying them and making good use of them, because for me, I'm just getting started! I'm still experimenting with procedural textures, shaders and materials but I hope they are useful, as they have been fun to work with.

This project found me using some images that I personally did not create within Blender, but I'll let you figure which ones (they're quite old). The chair design is more eccentric than originally planned but should suffice. The couch and the bed are both quite simple, as the bed is similar to that found in Deus Ex:HR, without the digital clock embedded. The bookshelf lamp was also inspired by DE:HR... ...Don't mind the emergency escape hatch!

Anyway, made with Eevee rendering in mind, but should be fine with cycles as well. All lighting, sky setting and the volume cube is optional, along with some extra props. All of which are in the 'optional collection.' Be sure, in order to view the sky mesh and adjust it, to set the 'Clip End' in the view sidebar to at least 3000m. Reducing the scale, of course, you can reduce the 'Clip End' as necessary. Previous scene was somewhat small with ~43x48m, ~19m height; the bedroom is ~63m x 60m x 30m, should be adjustable if necessary.

As a note: any and all feedback is welcome, encouraged even. Those that wish to give feedback outside of the comments below or have problems, email me: SQLabQ7@disr.it. Please use the project name as the email subject, thanks.

Please @me if you use this environment; Twitter: @SilentCubes

More to come!

NB: Bonus image of me goofing around with Scarlet during the early development [Scarlett not included]


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REDxEYE recently updated his SourceIO plugin. The latest version allows you to import SFM maps.

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