Mechs [Mass Effect 2 Legendary]

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This contains the three Mech units from Mass Effect 2 (Legendary Edition): The chad YMIR, virgin LOKI, and best boy FENRIS.

Stuff This Includes:

  • LOKI Mech
  • YMIR Mech
  • FENRIS Mech


  • All models are rigged using rigify (original weight painting from the game retained).
  • Rigify Metarigs are included (see note below).
  • Rig .py files are included.
  • All rigs include a custom properties bone for controlling things like the brightness and colors of the lights and other features depending on the model.
  • All are marked as assets.
  • Textures are in .png and are not packed into the .blend files, but all .blend files use relative file references and therefore should work just fine.
  • Unrigged .blend files are included (includes each model set up with materials but using the default deformation armature that exported with the modelr aterh than a full rig).
  • All are marked as assets.
  • All Original Assets are included as well.
  • The LOKI mech uses a rather overkill glass shader on the visor when rendering in Cycles. It will kill render times if it takes up too much of the render space. Swap it to the included E-Z shader if it takes too long to render. The E-Z shader is what is used for Eevee rendering and works in both Cycles and Eevee.

Note about the Metarigs:

I made several edits to the final rig that Rigify generated from the meta rigs, such as adding some custom properties and drivers, and fixing some bone constraint and heirarchy issues that were causing behavior I didn't want. If you re-generate the rig from the Meta-rig, all of that gets removed and would have ot be re-built. I don't know how to make this in a way that doesn't cause this sry.

Credits & plugs:

BioWare for the Mass Effect 2 assets.

Umodel and the Legendary Explorer for the tools for finding and ripping the assets.

My Twitter if you're feeling particularly deranged

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