Geth [Mass Effect Legendary Edition]

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All Geth models (except Legion) from Mass Effect 1, 2, & 3 Legendary Edition.

Stuff This Includes:

  • Legion
  • ME1 Geth Armature/Colossus
  • ME1 Geth Drone
  • ME1 Geth Hopper
  • ME2 Geth Hub (unused model?)
  • ME3 Geth Bomber
  • ME3 Geth Turret
  • ME3 Geth Prime
  • ME3 Geth Pyro
  • ME3 Geth Rocket Trooper & Hunter (same model, different skins)
  • ME3 Geth Trooper


  • Materials work in Cycles and Eevee.
  • All character models are rigged.
  • Bomber, Turret and Drone have custom rigs, all others use Rigify.
  • Rigify Metarigs are included (see note below).
  • Rig .py files are included.
  • All rigs include a custom properties bone for controlling things like the brightness and colors of the lights and other features depending on the model.
  • All are marked as assets.
  • All models use a Properties bone to control unique aspects about each model.
  • Geth Pyro has two tanks, toggleable through the custom properties bone.
  • Geth Rocket Trooper/Hunter are the same model - the skin can be toggled through the properties bone.
  • Geth Rocket Trooper/Hunter has a rigged cable for the neck.
  • When MELE released, they back-ported the ME3 Trooper and Prime models into ME1 and ME2. Since the ME3 Trooper and Prime models were used in ME3MP for the Geth Engie and Juggernaut characters and had color-switchable materials, that material system was repurposed for ME1/2 to create the unique enemy units you encounter. The textures from this were used for alternate skins on these models so that you can change the colors however you like.
  • The Armature and Turret models also have color-changeable skins.
  • All light brightness and color settings are controllable through the Properties bone.
  • Legion includes his loyalty outfit as an alternate skin, controllable through the Properties bone.
  • Textures are in .png. They are NOT packed into the .blend file. All .blend files use relative file references and therefore should still work just fine.
  • Unrigged .blend files are included (includes each model set up with materials but using the default deformation armature that exported with the model rather than a full rig).
  • All Original files are included.

Note about the metarigs:

I made several edits to the final rig that Rigify generated from the meta rigs, such as adding some custom properties and drivers, and fixing some bone constraint and hierarchy issues that were causing behavior I didn't want. If you re-generate the rig from the Meta-rig, all of that gets removed and would have to be re-built. I don't know who to make this in a way that doesn't cause this sry.

Credits & Plugs BioWare for the Mass Effect assets. Umodel and the Legendary Explorer for the tools for finding and ripping the assets.

Alternative download link:

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Basics: Materials & Rendering
A guide demonstrating different render engines, shader and texture setups, and useful tips for working with videogame models.

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