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I will not be posting anymore custom character models on this site due to hate and stuff. but I will post stuff like tools, materials, etc. If you're looking for my Character models, you can check out my Itch page. thanks for understanding and stuff.

SKYE (The furry in the previews) MODEL NOT INCLUDED

Here's an eyeball for those who want it!

I made this because making eyes isn't always easy, so yeah.


How do I change the Iris colour??

in order to do that, go to the material shading tab thing and click on the eyeball, then in the shader editor, you'll see the node group called "Iris_CA". under that node group, You'll see 2 blue boxes which control the iris colour. to change the colour, click on the upper box and mess around with the RGB thing until you get the colour you like, then do the same for the other box and make the colour a little darker (if you want)

Why does the Eye look like a Mirror in Eevee?

if that happens, go to the render settings and turn on "Screen Space Reflections" and make sure that "Reflection" is also turned on.


  1. The eye is now rigged
  2. New eyeglass material
  3. now possibale to scale the pupil using the "Eye_CONNER"

You don't have to credit me, But you can credit me if you want


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  Eyeball_CA.blend   47 2022-08-05 08:51:32 60.74 MB
  Eyeball_CA_V2.blend   6 2022-08-11 08:09:00 60.75 MB
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Source Filmmaker: Transparancy
Transparency in Source Filmmaker requires more than just having an alpha channel in your diffuse texture.

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