Warcraft Dracthyr Dragon Form

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ported from World of Warcraft Dragonflight Beta thanks to Wow.export https://www.kruithne.net/wow.export/ Includes original rig (needs some clean up, and multiple texture variations for skin, spikes, armor, eyes, etc (check the materials and shader editor for embedded variant recolors)

This is my first real big port, please let me know if anything needs fixing. I plan on updating this with more assets when they are more available. I also have MANY accent color textures that could be mixed with the bases, but I'll need a while to get through all those.

Blizzard Claims there are a TRILLION combos and I get why, there's MANY OPTIONAL PARTS and COLORS! I am 100% open to contributions from people interested in making this more complete with all customization available. You may message me on discord WhyNotBoth#8822 if you want to send me a blend file with your updates and I will upload and give you credit here.

Based on the wowhead beta dressing room...

There are...

  • 15 Primary Skin Color Textures
    • (all included, check material's shader editor)
  • 11 Secondary Skin Color Textures
  • (one currently included for demo purposes)
  • 4 Body Sizes Meshes (only 1 included atm)
  • Leg Spikes Mesh (not yet included)
  • Chest Spikes Mesh (NYI)
  • 4 Body Markings Styles (NYI)
  • 4 Body Marking Patterns (NYI)
  • 11 Body Marking Colors (NYI)


  • 15 Horn Color Textures (Included)
  • 19 Horn Type Meshes (1 Included)
  • 19 Crest Type Meshes (1 Included)
  • 3 Horn Jewelry Meshes (NYI)
  • 5 Horn Jewelry Textures (NYI)


  • 4 Eye Styles (1 included)
  • 3 Face Meshes (1 included)
  • 3 Eye Styles (1 included)
  • 14 Eye Color Textures (all included)
  • 18 Snout Meshes (1 included)
  • 4 Face Marking Textures (NYI)
  • 4 Face Marking Patterns (NYI)
  • 11 Ear Meshes (NYI)
  • 4 Cheek Styles (NYI)
  • 4 Brow Styles (NYI)
  • 3 Cheeckbones Styles (NYI)
  • 5 Throat Styles (NYI)


  • Arm Spikes (NYI)

  • 3 Chest Armor Types (1 included)

  • 2 Shoulder Armor Types (1 included)

  • 4 Helm Types (NYI)

  • 10 Armor Colors (all included)

  • 2 Breastplates (NYI)

  • 2 Wing Decorations (NYI)

  • 2 Upper Arm Styles (NYI)

  • 6 Lower Arm Styles (NYI)

  • 7 Tail Styles (NYI)

  • 2 Tail Ridges (NYI)

  • 3 Breechcloth (Tail Butt Armor, NYI)

  • 3 Feet (NYI)

  • 5 Thighs (NYI)

  • 3 Waist (NYI)

  • 2 Armor Styles (NYI)


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