SWTOR Imperial Bridge

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"The epitome of Imperial destructive power, the Harrower-class dreadnought is the largest and best-armed ship currently in production by the Imperial military. Its wedge-shaped design is typical of Imperial warships going back to the founding of Dromund Kaas, but its technology is strictly state-of-the-art. The Harrower is capable of holding its own against starfighter fleets or multiple smaller warships but is best used as the backbone of an Imperial fleet–coordinating attacks, absorbing damage and launching devastating volleys where needed. The energy and material cost of building a single Harrower is roughly equivalent to ten years’ output of a major planetary mining colony. The loss of a Harrower is enough to pain logistics operators across the Empire." ―In-game Codex

This model was originally posted by Torol on DeviantArt, so send some love their way!

All I've really done is provided some improvements, like:

  • Converting all .dds textures to .png
  • Adding lighting, emission, reflections, and details to materials
  • Broke up the 3 rooms into their own separate Collections
  • Stored all the Doors in their own collection to be toggled on & off

Works with both Cycles & Eevee, but I think Cycles looks way better.

Let me know what you think, if you have ideas, and Enjoy! If you use it, hit me up on Twitter! I'd love to see it! https://twitter.com/InTheDark2021 If you like my work, maybe think about buying me a coffee! No pressure! https://ko-fi.com/inthedark2020


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