Gerudo Town

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Hi Guys, here is my version of Gerudo Town. I myself exported the original data from Breath of the Wild, unconverted and pieced it together in blender.

Only the lights I had placed separately by hand, piece by piece, since they were only copied and pasted, so a few may be missing (sorry for that).

Here is a list of all the files I needed for the entire city:

  • /RomFS /Model/

    Obj_Plant_Agave_A.sbfres Obj_Plant_Agave_A.tex.sbfres Obj_TreePalm_A.sbfres Obj_TreePalm_A.tex.sbfres TwnObj_City_GerudoBaggage_A.sbfres TwnObj_City_GerudoBaggage_A.tex.sbfres TwnObj_City_GerudoFurniture_A.sbfres TwnObj_City_GerudoFurniture_A.tex.sbfres TwnObj_City_GerudoPot_A.sbfres TwnObj_City_GerudoPot_A.tex.sbfres TwnObj_City_GerudoThunderHelmet.sbfres TwnObj_City_GerudoThunderHelmet.tex.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-00.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-01.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-02.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-03.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-04.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-05.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-06.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-07.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-08.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-09.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-10.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-11.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-12.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-13.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-14.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-15.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-16.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-17.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-18.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-19.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-20.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-21.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-22.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-23.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-24.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-25.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-26.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-27.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-28.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-29.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A-30.sbfres TwnObj_City_Gerudo_A.tex.sbfres*

Feel free to use the map for whatever, I'm happy to waive licenses. If you have any suggestions for improvement, you can write me in the comments ;)


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