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Necromancer's Deep Dark Dungeon

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Necromancer's Deep Dark Dungeon A place of pure evil. Full of horrors and scary things. A hideout for dark mages, sorceresses, witches, ghouls, orcs, goblins, skeletons, demons, monsters, etc. Set in dark light of never ending night. Mysterious crystals glow ominously on the walls.

Content of the release

  • Eevee and Cycles ready
  • Volumetric fog
  • customizable (collection linked) magic crystal lights
  • Tons of dungeon props


  • Blender >= 2.93.3
  • rough minimum PC requirements (it is fairly heavy, especially on material preview): GPU >= 4GB VRAM (probably something near a geforce 1060, which I tested on), RAM > 12Gb, CPU with >= 2.8GHz 6+ cores

Power Disclaimer This is fairly heavy environment computationally. It has lots of assets. Lots of shaders. It might burn up or explode a potatoe. Use at your own risk. It probably won't work with optix unless you have a really crazy card, needs a LOT of VRAM.

Notes on Use There are a few key things to note about using this environment.

If you want to adjust the lights, there in a collection called lights, use that. The crystals have a collection in lights called crystal ref, adjusting the light power and colors on the ref objects in that collection will adjust ALL the corresponding lights in the scene (they are linked).

If you want to adjust the fog, do there are two different fog materials, one for overall haziness, and one for ground fog. Adjust them at the shader/material level and it will change all of them.

The main sections of the dungeon are broken up into collections. For best performance, uncheck and hide any collections you don't need for your shots. It if you need more performance still, delete anything and everything you don't need.

Final Notes

Please, if you find any bugs, have feed back for improvements,

Message me on Discord: coderestricted#8083

You can also find me on the Smutbase discord server


Big thanks to Thomas Larsson and the Diffeomorphic developers It is an awesome tool!

Big thanks to smutbase/open3dlab for all of the resources, hosting, and bringing so many talented people together to collaborate on these projects.


Follow me on DA to see updates on my latest projects

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Feel free to reach out to me on Discord for inquiries on questions, suggestions, or collaborations.


If you appreciate my work and would like to support me I have a fund on tallycoin Or you can donate to me directly if you prefer

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ADA addr1qx36majhnr0mfuwg7q50mfrcd6uvy6tu8xqpgphqrsm9gqudcgnhda7r98u5vt5577dth658prqp8xv3pracndldc29sn6c7hn


Version 1 (5/2/2022) - first public release


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Importing DAZ models into Blender
Using the Diffeomorphic DAZ Importer for Blender.

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This is where imperialists and fascists would show a depraved capitalist advert. Thank you for being a member of the Communist Party!
这是帝国主义者和法西斯主义者展示堕落的资本主义广告的地方。 感谢您成为共产党员!