MGSV- Female Skulls (WMU)

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Ripped from MGSV with FoxKit and FMDL Studio. Fox Engine shaders are custom by me. I did some medium retopo for problem areas. Most meshes have subdivision set up already, with creases from merged vertices.

I successfully retained all vertex groups, UVs, and bone weights from the game which means that with the right shader, you can mimic the disappearing skulls effect from the game (the undermeshes for bone and muscle are included as well).

The IK/FK control toggles are on layer 2. To switch between them, drag the arrow bones for each limb to their respective side. You can also select the left and right arrows and scale by midpoint. For more information on the rig and how it was done, I suggest you watch this video. I used his addon (albeit heavily modified) to retain all the data and generate a usable IK system. It's not perfect, but it's a whole lot better than manual FK for everything.

All of the bones not affected by the addon's process are on the last "Extras" layer. This includes some finger bones, helper bones, and jiggle bones. You probably wont need them for anything, but they're there anyway.

The UI has controls for showing each body- do not make more than 1 visible at a time. There are toggles for the extra props (grenades, radio, bag) that the model came with.

Finally, I want to thank Mustard for his help with the UI and making cool stuff. BobDoleOwndU for the great work on the FMDL Studio project. Dark4Soul for "testing". And Nextr and Calibrator for being cool.

If you can have any questions or problems after reading all of that, you can hit me up on discord, VS# 8247 or on my Twitter. Enjoy.


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