VtM:B - Ultimate Waifu Pack


Your most-in-one Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines waifu stop.

Ported from atrblizzard/Bloodline Resurgence, fixed, "physics simulation-ed" & IK-ed by me.

Credits to Troika Games (RIP Troika) for creating all these models so many years ago.

Voerman pack includes - Jeanette Voerman, Therese Voerman, Tourette, The Asylum map

Velvet Velour pack includes - Velvet Velour, Vesuvius map

Heather Poe pack includes - All 3 skins of Heather Poe

Malkavian pack includes - All 4 skins for Female Malkavian PC, The Malkavian's greatest enemy -> The Stop Sign

VtMB Weapons pack includes - Revolver .38(.38 Special), Colt Anaconda, 2 variants of Jaime Sue(Remington M700), Crossbow, McLusky Calibre 0.50(Desert Eagle), Flamethrower, Jaegerspas XV(SPAS-15), Blokk 17c(Glock 17c), Nines's Grenade, Uthica M37(Ithica M37), MAC10, Steyr AUG, UZI, Baseball Bat, Baton, Bushhook, Fireaxe, Katana, Knife, Lockpick, Gimbal's Severed Arm, Sledgehammer, Stake, TireIron

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  Heather_Poe_Pack.rar   53 2022-01-08 12:48:33 7.49 MB
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  Malkavian_Pack.rar   51 2022-01-08 12:48:33 4.46 MB
File contents:
  Velvet_Velour_Pack.rar   62 2022-01-08 12:48:34 16.22 MB
File contents:
  Voerman_Pack.rar   61 2022-01-08 12:48:35 50.93 MB
File contents:
  VtMB_Weapons_Pack.rar   47 2022-01-08 12:48:35 13.77 MB
File contents:
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Blender Asset Manager Introduction
The Blender 3.0 kicks of with a BAM! The Asset Manager is a hot new feature that allows for easy re-use of models.

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