VtM:B - Ultimate Waifu Pack


Your most-in-one Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines waifu stop.

Ported from atrblizzard/Bloodline Resurgence, fixed, "physics simulation-ed" & IK-ed by me.

Credits to Troika Games (RIP Troika) for creating all these models so many years ago.

Voerman pack includes - Jeanette Voerman, Therese Voerman, Tourette, The Asylum map

Velvet Velour pack includes - Velvet Velour, Vesuvius map

Heather Poe pack includes - All 3 skins of Heather Poe

Malkavian pack includes - All 4 skins for Female Malkavian PC, The Malkavian's greatest enemy -> The Stop Sign

VtMB Weapons pack includes - Revolver .38(.38 Special), Colt Anaconda, 2 variants of Jaime Sue(Remington M700), Crossbow, McLusky Calibre 0.50(Desert Eagle), Flamethrower, Jaegerspas XV(SPAS-15), Blokk 17c(Glock 17c), Nines's Grenade, Uthica M37(Ithica M37), MAC10, Steyr AUG, UZI, Baseball Bat, Baton, Bushhook, Fireaxe, Katana, Knife, Lockpick, Gimbal's Severed Arm, Sledgehammer, Stake, TireIron


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  Heather_Poe_Pack.rar   396 2022-01-08 12:48:33 7.49 MB
File contents:
  Malkavian_Pack.rar   393 2022-01-08 12:48:33 4.46 MB
File contents:
  Velvet_Velour_Pack.rar   418 2022-01-08 12:48:34 16.22 MB
File contents:
  Voerman_Pack.rar   447 2022-01-08 12:48:35 50.93 MB
File contents:
  VtMB_Weapons_Pack.rar   355 2022-01-08 12:48:35 13.77 MB
File contents:
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How to extract Unity models
Unity is an engine that's used for many games. So how do we get to the models and textures? With some publicly available tools, of course!

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