Ash Multi-Rig (Apex Legends)

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Hi, welcome to my Ash multi-rig.

Here you will find a Rigified Ash with almost all legendary skins along side with multiple rigged props, such as her rat, sword, data-knife, glaive & a CAR SMG

If you encounter any problems or find anything too difficult / inconvenient to use, please message me at Starman#0012 on Discord, so that I can further improve this rig.

Other than that, enjoy!


  1. To change to Cycles, please go inside the Cores Apex Legends Shader and modify the Value properties to zero inside the Greater Than Node near Principle BSDF, this will ensures that every objects will consistently switch to Cycles.
  2. To animate the character with their props, you can add a Child of Constraint such that the prop will either be parented to their hand or their hand parented to the prop, depending on the animations. However, if you're interested in a more robust method, please refer to this video
  3. If textures are missing (i.e: pink all-over), please ensure that the folder hierarchy is like so:
    • rig.blend
    • textures folder
      • 0x254la....jpg
      • 0x2512.....jpg
      • etc
  4. For the wiggle bones & hood (tweak) layers, please use addon such as Wiggle Bone to simulate bone physics.


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  ash-v1-release.blend   1020 2021-11-08 15:54:32 51.43 MB
  textures_EsWKU9J.7z   894 2021-11-08 14:16:24 222.19 MB
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