Thoma (Genshin Impact)


The Protector From Afar

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  • Everything you expect with Rigify, except the face. You may use the face mesh's blendshapes and teeth bones to control her face. The eyes can be controlled with the eye controllers included in Rigify as well.
  • Includes custom normals, vertex colors, and all mesh data needed for proper cel/toon shading used by the game. If you want to use the model for PBR/realistic rendering, you may need to take off the custom normals.
  • Includes all textures used by the game for proper toon shading. They are packed into the .blend file, go to Outliner -> Blender File to view them or File -> External Data -> Unpack All Into Files to extract them.
  • Uses Aerthas' ArcSys shader for proper shading and 753214896's node setup from APlayBox for face shading. Keep in mind that the shader is based off of Guilty Gear shading and will not be as accurate as Genshin Impact's colors. In case you didn't realize until now, yes they do share almost the same technique in shading.
  • Custom light direction and global material controls.


  1. Append the collection Thoma (version number) to your project. Once loaded, you may have to run the script if there are no visibility toggles for the rig.
  2. To control the materials globally, use the node group GLOBAL MATERIAL PROPERTIES when changing values.
  3. To control the light direction, expand the Light Direction collection and rotate the z-axis of Main Light Direction. Try making sure that the light direction always stays vertically (0 > degrees < 180) at its x-axis and not the y-axis to avoid breaking face shading. To further finetune face lighting, you can expand the More control collection and use Face Light Direction.
  4. To turn off outlines, click on the respective mesh in Object Mode and go to its modifiers tab, turn off the Solidify modifier.

Special thanks:

Aerthas Veras - for the main shader. I'm eternally grateful for the knowledge he's passed onto me with his open-source ArcSys shader. Truly the GOAT.

753214896 - for the face node setup.

Rig Vertex colors


  • V1 (10/05/2021): Initial release.

Unfortunately, MMD compatibility is currently not possible with characters with 5 spine bones. I've contacted UuuNyaa about this and will update this description whenever MMD compatibility is possible. MMD compatibility with other characters remain the same as long as they have 6 spine bones - I don't know if there are any other Genshin Impact characters with only 5 spine bones.

*When I say MMD compatibility, I am talking about compatibility with the one-click solution integrated with UuuNyaa's add-on. MMD motions are compatible with any rig - you just have to retarget them manually.


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