Bonehead Skeleton

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Bonehead Skeleton V3.0

It is hard to find a good human skeleton model in the mid poly range where it is optimized enough to animate but also detailed enough to look good in close up shots in video. This model attempts to fill that gap. This model will probably crush your workstation if you are running a potatoe. It is designed for realistic video rendering.

tris: 92975, verts: 46884

This model is rigged via Mixamo. Animations were brought in via the Godot game tools Blender Addon

If you make any of the above corrections or cool edits and want to share them back let me know!

Hope you enjoy the model and do something cool with it!

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord for inquiries on questions, suggestions, or collaborations.


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-- CodeRestricted

Change Log:


  • Improved weight painting to arms
  • Fixed inconsistency on skull material (Thanks BLEDEN)


  • Added lower jaw control bone
  • Improved teeth shader (not perfect, but doesn't look like metal teeth anymore
  • Some fixes to weight painting
  • Added texture map for dirt based on AO to skull and skeleton to add some grunge

V1: Initial release


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  bonehead-skeleton-1-0.7z   650 2021-08-03 13:39:17 9.89 MB
File contents:
  skeleton-textures-1-0.7z   634 2021-08-03 13:39:20 118.06 MB
File contents:
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