Krogan [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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The Krogan Models from Mass Effect Andromeda.

Stuff this includes:

  • Male, Female, and Helmeted heads.
  • Base Underarmor body.
  • Belt.
  • Shaman Flair.
  • Modular armors for the torso, legs, and arms (one torso, two and a half arms, two and a half legs).
  • All textures ripped from the game in their original 4k resolutions.
  • Full PBR textures, with all materials already set up.
  • All original meshes are included in the file so you can import them and work on them from scratch if you so desire.
  • Should work in both Eevee and Cycles, though it was set up intended for Cycles. May require some adjustments for Eevee.

There is no complex rigging or drivers going on here. All models are set up on a single rig that is essentially the default rig ripped right out of the game. There are no shapekeys set up for the face. Sorry I couldn't set that up. The face as a ton of bones - setting up shapekeys won't be hard, it'd just take time. The default rig should be fine with some adjustments to add IK constraints and the like.


I did this in order to have the _color files set up with color overlay layers for all the tint, paint, camo, metal, and light maps using masks. All you need to do to change the color is paint-bucket a color on a layer in the .psd file, save, then reload the texture in blender. It's that easy. It's set up like this for all armor, the underarmor, and the faces with their face paint. Some additional adjustments may be needed but for the most part, the textures should be extremely quick to adjust.

If you extract all the files as they are, the .blend file should be able to find the textures without any issue since the file locations are set up relative to the .blend file.

Some more info & an alternative DL link

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