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Tag me if you use this . And feel free to edit it however you want. (And consider a donation for the cause of course. Patreon link should be on the right side)

You should read the essay, it's pretty fun stuff. It will solve a lot of headaches.

This is the 1st part of a scene/map I'm working on. Made for Eevee and needs minor adjustments for Cycles (last preview is cycles btw) from what I can tell so far.

Set viewport and camera distance to 1000m max and slide the minimum to actual minimum 0.001 m. Trust me on this one, otherwise there is an issue with water reflection in the distance. I spent 2 hours figuring this out.


Things you should change

  • Cloud Density

  • Sun light intensity

  • Optional bloom already set up in composition, just tick "enable nodes" and play with the settings after you make 1 render. (turn off if going back to Eevee)

  • There is an optional ocean mesh that's hidden. Try it out if you want it might look better in cycles.(object called "watermodifier", don't forget to disable "watertexture") It was originally made for Eevee but doubled render times.

Maybe more haven't properly tested for cycles, if you find any issues DM me on twitter.


As far as Eevee goes it should all be fine. Just move/scale the irradiance map to your liking and needs and bake. Check the reflections after baking, if there is a problem move the cubemaps until the problem is gone after baking. DON'T SCALE THE CUBEMAPS IN OBJECT MODE. Instead go in the cubemap settings and change "size" to prevent weird reflection stretching.

The scene offers some really easy adjustments (gotta find them in the right place tho)

  • Slider for adjusting cloud density and amount ("Clouds" shader)

  • Slider for adjusting glass and dark plastic shader "dirt" ("Glass" shader and "ReflectivePlastic"shader. All glass = 1 shader, all dark plastic = 1 shader)

  • Easy sofa/chair geometry for depressions (kek) see images if you don't know how to do that.

How to move parts of the scene? You dont. The scene and the parts move you with their awesomeness instead! Just kidding.

Many pieces are parented together to avoid newbie mistakes and to make moving easier.

  • Reflection planes are parented to their objects.

  • Multiple object models are all parented to the BOTTOM piece, that means drink glass, bottom of chair, bottom of table so move that part.

  • If you wanna duplicate you select the bottom part, find it in the top right (outliner I think its called, the list of all objects in the scene), then right click and "Select hierarchy" then you can duplicate it and it will stay parented like the original.

How to move and scale the clouds

Select the cloud box in object mode, go to edit mode and scale from there. Don't scale in object mode. You can move and rotate in object mode.

Other important stuff

  • The Drink glass is just a simple prop, it would require a bit of sorcery to lean it and make it work according to the laws of physics. You'd need to edit the liquid mesh in edit mode and pray the material doesn't get messed up cause it's just a shader without an actual texture. Then you may need to rotate some stuff in the shader itself. Good luck if you wanna try.

  • The sun object and the sun light aren't linked. Move the sun object however you want it. Because Blender doesn't render the sun light source I had to add an object there. Also because of this there are 2 suns in reflection. Make sure to hide the object from view through reflection. Both are fine on the ocean tho.

  • The sun model has 2 shaders. 1 for Eevee 1 for Cycles. If you wanna make it more colorful for cycles you have to reduce the Emission strength

  • The clouds don't show up on reflections in Eevee. For that reason there is a cloud texture ready in the World Shader. There is a frame with text telling you what to do there. You can change the color of the right slider to change the color of the clouds. Can't seem to make them dark.

  • You should use Depth of Field to make the edge of the ocean not too visible and to make the ocean "waves" look better.

  • All the trees are the same, if you have them in view keep that in mind, it's a little obvious to notice and I hate making trees.

  • The blend file has simplify on by default. If you decide to append it, it might be a good idea to keep that in mind. The subdivision surface modifiers are equal between viewport and render cause there's a lot of them and simplify is a 1 click change.

  • If you decide to append the scene (which considering character scripts is exactly what you should do) all you gotta append is the collection called "Set"

Last but very important (to me at least :') I'm working on the interior. If you like this scene and wanna support me check out my Patreon. You get my work in 4K and Work in progress blend files of the future interior update. In the meanwhile I will only be fixing issues in this version until the interior is ready.

If I wrote this much in school I'd be places today.


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