Tekken 7 Arena Stage (Version 2 Update)

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VERSION 2 Update 23/01/2022

Here is a video preview: https://twitter.com/AD8_3D/status/1485368888959381512

I added some new stuff and more details to the Arena port. This includes a Pacman switch, a skydome switch, fire effect, 2D god rays, logos on the ring floor, animated LED screens and an animated crowd. This was done to make the port match the game more closely and happened now and not earlier because I've gained new knowledge on using since then.

I also instancing for the lights so that editing one light effects all 'related' lights. I also used instancing for meshes but this version is 100mb larger than the first version. The animations do not go on infinitely. I advise that you use the NLA for that. Also there is a 'god rays empty' that you should attach to your active camera using the copy location modifier. This make the 2D god rays face towards the camera.

This is my attempt at porting the arena stage from Tekken 7. It also includes the Pacman version of the stage. Pacman textures are shown with the mix node in the shader editor. The Pacman stage and statue are hidden and are made visible with the restriction toggles.

There are 2 collections to keep note of. The 'ANIMATED Props' and 'MANUAL Props'. The ANIMATED Props contains meshes that are loaded with the in-game animations. The MANUAL Props are the same thing but without the animations on them. Instead I modified the armatures a little bit, in an attempt to make them easier to manually animate. The MANUAL Props are hidden by default.

This is not a perfect port of the in-game stage. There's a number of things I struggled to include. I hope to add them as an update in the future. Here's a list of them:

No fire pyro, no fire around the fist, no volumetric stage lights, the crowd is not animated (I tried and it looked shit), no fireworks behind the southern stage and no stickers on the ring floor.

Here's my twitter. Tag me if you use it. I'm interested in what stuff people come up with while using this.

This is my first port, so there's probably mistakes that I didn't realise. If there are any problems, or ways I could improve this, don't hesitate to let me know. I do want to update this as I get better at using blender. If you know how to turn blend files into XPS or SFM, feel free to change this into those files. Depending on if people like this, I'll try to port other Tekken stages.

This all belongs to Bandai Namco.


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