TF2-style office (sfm_corporate)

TF2-style office (sfm_corporate)
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TF2-style office (sfm_corporate)
TF2-style office (sfm_corporate)
TF2-style office (sfm_corporate)
TF2-style office (sfm_corporate)


Made using SourceIO.

Original workshop map by Custard1

Buildings from "Observer" Spy Prop Pack 3 by Astute

Couch from Team Fortress Furnishings

I had no idea about the Load Entity function of SourceIO, so I more or less found and spawned everything myself after the base .bsp. Funnily enough it made for a more creative approach to the design of the map since I became aware I could import any prop I wanted from TF2!

Contains two rooms - the worker room and the big manager office room. There are also buildings on the outside.

Simply append the sfm_corporate.bsp collection to put the map in your own project, though I recommend you keep it in this file (or a copy of the file) due to the specific Eevee setup (Ambient Occlusion, Shadows, Indirect Lighting etc.)

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Importing SFM Maps into Blender
REDxEYE recently updated his SourceIO plugin. The latest version allows you to import SFM maps.