Prison dungeon

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Update 1.1 : Fixed some incorrect textures and cleaned up the materials

I'ts a prison, it looks like a dungeon... I guess it's a prison dungeon.

It came with no spec or normal maps, it looked flat, so i added my own with a generator.

Cleaned a bunch of stuff, sorted and named everything. Converted it's DDS to PNG textures.

Created and intended for use in Eevee, should work fine in Cycles, you might have to do some adjustments. I cannot provide any help with Cycles since i primarily use Eevee.

Append like so : File > Append > Navigate to the blend file > Double click the blend file > Double click Collection > Double click 1Append Prison dungeon.

Still learning, expect mistakes/problems.

Additional info :

The entrance is open by default, optionally you can use object 'closed entrance' to close it off.

There is this small extra room i was gonna scrap initially, but i made it it's own collection cause it can be useful for some. collection is called 2Room prison dungeon.

Use one 'map' collection at a time, to avoid clipping and other BS.

Textures are packed within the blend file, blend file is also compressed.

Included probes, volumetrics, particles and map environment lights in the Optional collection. As well as the lights and camera's used for the renders.

Just in case someone would like to use these. If not just delete the 'Optional' collection.

No HDRI's/bakes included, do recommend using an hdri and to bake.

37K Verts 59K Faces 61K Tris

(Possible) problems / tips

A lot of hacky fixes and amateur work arounds. It works fine as long as you keep your renders *inside* the map.

The mesh is quite thin, they're basically just planes. possibly resulting in light bleeding.

Couple things u can do to help/avoid : Use solidify on the walls,ceilings,etc. increase shadow res, avoid sun lights, and if u do enable contact shadows and play with the distance/thickness and lower the bias.

Tag/credit me when you use this map.

(WARNING NSFW) : you can also find me on DA, Pixiv and other social medias.

For constructive feedback, questions or any problems/bug reports, don't hesitate to comment here or contact me on your preferred platform.

Credits :

Oo-FiL-oO : for the extraction and convertion

Mavixtious : for the amazing looking animated candle flames.

Inspired by Starbrain's amazing maps and ethic, make sure to check out his maps if you haven't already.

All assets/textures used here belong to their respective owners.


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  Prison-dungeon-DT-F-1.1.blend   2190 2021-05-11 10:06:48 136.65 MB
  Prison-dungeon-DT-F.blend   1317 2021-02-20 10:28:37 136.65 MB
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