Cabin Bedroom (Cycles and Eevee)

Cabin Bedroom (Cycles and Eevee)
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Cabin Bedroom (Cycles and Eevee)
Cabin Bedroom (Cycles and Eevee)
Cabin Bedroom (Cycles and Eevee)
Cabin Bedroom (Cycles and Eevee)
Cabin Bedroom (Cycles and Eevee)
Cabin Bedroom (Cycles and Eevee)


Hi, I made a cabin bedroom from scratch except HDRI from HDRI Heaven to use for my renders and decided I'd post it for everyone to use as well. I'm gonna keep working on this cause I'm not 100% happy with it yet, but it is more than ready to be used.

If you have any issues or spot any mistakes let me know either here or on twitter.

Important stuff

Vram usage is pretty high with this, especially with hair on.

Hair (disabled by default) is quite experimental to me tbh, I saw it looked good but I will also make a version with a different blanket later on, tho it is textured and you can try it without hair if you don't want the hair there. I suggest you disable the hair of the objects that aren't in the shot due to VRAM usage and render times. It has Children set to on so you NEVER want to have more than 1000 particles on each. And with 90% of the angles you can get away with 500 on the blanket (on the renders I got 700 on blanket, 300 on Carpet 1 and 100 on Carpet 2)

Switching between Eevee and Cycles doesn't require anything fancy, just changing the light values and baking if you use Eevee. Eevee is set up, it has reflections where needed and an irradiance volume. (I tried adding a reflection cubemap around the whole room but that wasn't very good it seems. You can try but the most important parts of the set have a reflection plane anyways.)

Edit: You can add a reflection cubemap but make sure it doesn't include the windows or the walls on that side, otherwise you get weird reflections from the walls. Just finished messing around with it, trying to find a way to put the whole scene in there but no luck, I will add a reflection cubemap in the next version.

Simplify is on by default set at 0 subdivisions on viewport and max on render. I suggest you append it with simplify on if you don't have a PC that can handle a lot of geometry cause the blanket uses a subdivision surface modifier.

The pillows, blanket and bed mattress are made in a way that lets you shape them so feel free to make use of that feature, in edit mode just move around vertices. Add edges if you need them, that works as well.

There are 3 HDRIs in there that can easily be swapped and the strength can be adjusted, one of them is day. They aren't max res but due to the rainy window there is no need for that imo.

Thanks to Chancelor88 for being a big help in the design ideas of this room and for beta testing Cycles. He made my life harder over the last week or two by giving me some amazing ideas so I can't complain.

You can use this however you want, just tag me . If you wanna support me use the Patreon link on the right side, it helps a lot :)

Change Log:


  • Added a reflection cubemap after weighing pros and cons. Works the same way, just bake or move it if you wanna but make sure it doesn't touch the windows and the wall on the window side. If you wanna change the scale you should probably do it by all 3 scales. Had some weird results otherwise. You can also add another one if you need to (I think)

  • Cleaned up some leftovers

  • Separated blend and textures so I can easily change little things like I had to now.


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