Skyrim's The Winking Skeever

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I spent more time than I should have trying to recreate Skyrim's The Winking Skeever in Blender, and now I'm ready to share the results.

The environment with the lighting I setup has a nostalgic, old-gamey cut-scene feel. I would not recommend using the assets as-is for a "realistic" look, but it might be passable as a backdrop depending on how you do the lighting. The meshes aren't particularly high-poly. I could imagine it working well for World of Warcraft characters, since I find the aesthetic feels somewhat cartoony.

I'm releasing two files. One is my recreation of The Winking Skeever with various assets I ripped from Skyrim. The other is all the assets I ripped from Skyrim while doing that.

The Winking Skeever file contains: 5 collections: The up stairs level, the base level, the basement, a collection of really shitty lighting, and a dumb collection full of Skooma that I've hidden everywhere for the khajiit out there who want to toke.

The prop file contains all the assets I ripped from Skyrim, many which I didn't actually use in recreating The Winking Skeever, often because the parts I did use were part of a larger collection of grouped assets (like all of the non-labeled book meshes), so I just grabbed the group and rolled with it. File also contains notes I took while porting assets, mostly for unit scales for Skyrim <-> Blender.

The materials are setup using groups to facilitate making changes to everything at once a lot simpler. Most objects use the base "Skyrim" node group for their materials, though others use use more specialized ones depending on the material, such as glass. The base Skyrim node group leverages the Principled Shader, but other groups do not since I wanted more artistic control.

Credits for Skyrim mods I had installed that I pulled assets from:


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  SkyrimTheWinkingSkeever.7z   1259 2021-01-02 00:10:40 277.16 MB
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  SkyrimProps.7z   914 2021-01-02 00:30:59 387.43 MB
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