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There are only so many CC0 beds out there, many of them with shoddy or overly complicated geometry. This can result in meshes that are difficult to edit, slow render times, and materials/textures that are hard to alter. I use beds a lot in animations, as I'm sure many of you have as well, so I decided to make my own bed. It's not the prettiest bed, but it's efficient and it does what I want. It also comes with separate layers of blankets and pillows that are all moveable.

The bed comes in at about 12,000 faces and it's composed of 8 different simple materials, all with textures from 'CC0 Textures' and 'CG Bookcase'. The frame of the bed was taken from the 'Flexform Feel Good Bed' on 'Blend Swap', another CC0 bed. All textures are packed in the .blend file. This version of the bed was created with Blender 2.79 and is optimized for Cycles. I'm not sure how it works with Eevee or other rendering engines.

This is my first time uploading a model, so I'm not sure what will work or not work or if I'm breaking the rules. Feel free to let me know if anything's wrong on twitter or discord, and as usual I'm happy to know what optimizations I can make in the future as inanimate objects and modeling just aren't my specialties.

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