NieR Automata: YorRHa Bunker

NieR Automata: YorRHa Bunker
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NieR Automata: YorRHa Bunker
NieR Automata: YorRHa Bunker
NieR Automata: YorRHa Bunker


Ripped using CriPakGUI by wmltogether and imported to blender 2.8 with Nier2Blender by Woeful_Wolf(Original for 2.79 by C4nf3ng)

Added custom shapes and constraints to control doors and lifts easier.

Use the giant circle in pose mode to rotate the bunker.

I didn't bother to put 3D low poly books in the bookshelf. I have one version with low poly books for the bookshelf, but it will be a pain in the ass to align them to every single room. sorry about that.

Doors and elevators and transporters are not directly connected to the bunker armature. so try not to move the armatures with "child of " constraints.

Use backface culling when you can't see sh*t.

Turn on backface culling in the material tab, if you want certain walls to 2B invisible just like in the game for your render.

I didn't add any lights this time and didn't touch the render settings.

I used edgesplit and shader: smooth, might want to remove it, if it doesn't look great.

If you can't move an object, I locked them for some reason.

p.s you can extract the room you want to work with and not to deal with the huge circle.

Sorry for the late upload, i was too busy hunting computer hardware


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