Doctor's practice for Cycles

Doctor's practice for Cycles
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Doctor's practice for Cycles


Are your characters in dire need of a checkup?

If the answer is "YES" then look no further! Here is a complete Doctor's Practice converted to Blender!

The room is fully furnished, lighting is set up and all ready to go!

DISCLAIMER: This model is NOT tested for EEVEE and I will not provide support when users encounter issues when using other render engines other than Blender Cycles!


  • Cupboards can be opened
  • Soap dispensers can be used (With shapekeys)
  • Trash Can (can be opened with shapekeys)
  • Rolling chair/stool (can be lifted up with shapekeys)
  • The examination light has an IK Rig.


Q: Are you gonna make a version for EEVEE?

A: No, Both me and Major Guardian are not eevee users. Feel free to make it EEVEE compatible and send it to me on twitter so I can incorporate it in this

Q: The map looks weird, The glass is not transparent!

A: Its not weird, Please make sure you set blender to use CYCLES as the renderer. We recommend at least 256 samples for simple scenes.

Q: Lovely map! How can I show what I did with it to you guys?

A: Simple! Type this in your description, tweet or post:

Room made by @CableNSFW!

Q:What if I want to import the scene in my project ?"

  • Click on "File" at the top left of your screen then "Append"

  • Select the .blend file (double click on it).

  • Go to "Collection" folder.

  • Select the Collection and click on Append

  • And you're done. Yay!


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  Doctor_Room.blend  12822020-10-28 17:25:54253.03 MB
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