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This project is a collection of custom bone and rig picker shapes to make blender rigs presentable.

These fall into the following categories:

3-dimensional elements:

Bowls, pointers, pole targets, controls that need to be recognizable from any angle.

Reusable Segments

Squares, Trapezes, Crescents and so on that have many different purposes and are not limited to one specific function. Due to their modular nature, they can also be put together to form longer chains, like fingers.

Curved Segments

Elements that have a curve and mark the start and end of a curve by giving them distinct shapes like brows, lids, lips. There are premade versions for curves with 3, 4, 5 and 8 segments which should cover most applications.

Root Bones

To have a little variety for root structures.

Special Purpose Bones

Like Integrated Pole Limbs (the ones Rigify uses), Properties Bones, Eye Targets... you get the idea.

Face Picker Elements

Wouldn't even have included any, but Jaws asked for them. These are not regular bone replacement shapes but are supposed to be used for Custom Rig Picker Panels or driving shapekeys.


V 1.3 2020/06/06

Added Shape-Keys to the rig shapes making it oh so very much more convenient to fit them to the meshes they need to sit on top of. This results in a huge usability improvement. Don't forget to remove them when finishing up tho to get good performance.

V 1.2 2020/06/02

Added Picker Shapes for Hands and Body.

V 1.1 2020/06/01

Reordered the Shapes to align with the Y-Axes of the potential bones that they will be used on. This is of course not true for all cases, but it will save a lot of aligning work for generic use.

V 1.0


Addon Recommendations

I recommend Christophe Seux' addon "Bone Widget" for editing and saving Custom Bone Shapes:


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Pink models are, similar to how it is in game engines, a sign that Blender is unable to find some textures. A common issue with downloaded files, and relatively easy to fix.

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