[MGSV] D-Dog

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[MGSV] D-Dog
[MGSV] D-Dog
[MGSV] D-Dog


You have no idea how long it took to find all of this knucklehead's textures, but it was worth it to bring gaming's best boy to you guys. Some notes:

  • This model is designed for Eevee, it'll probably look fine in Cycles but there may be some funny business. Requires Blender 2.80 or higher.
  • The rig is pretty basic, pretty much the game's stock rig with some minor adjustments and IK functionality for the legs. Perfectly usable if not ideal.
  • My man's ain't got no dongus because I can't figure out how people do that foreskin rolling effect. I may figure it out and update this, which would put it on Smutbase.
  • You can select which skin you want to use (all 5 are included) via a custom property on the rig, accessible through the N-panel with the rig selected.
  • Though the texture does exist to apply dirt/wet/blood effects to his coat, I haven't added that functionality or packed in the texture because I forgot and don't really care enough to go back and fuck with it.
  • On layer 2 of the armature there are additional bones that I believe were used for physics simulation in Fox Engine, you can hook them up to wiggle bones or cloth or whatever, or just ignore them.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Atvaark and BobDoleOwndU for creating the tools (GzsTool/FtexTool and FMDL Studio V2) that made this even remotely possible.

As far as I know, all of the one MGSV models seen in fan animations up to this point were ripped with Ninja Ripper, and speaking from experience, processing a Ninja Ripped model is a truly torturous experience, so the availability of these (open source) tools to extract the necessary files from the game's archives with rig, weights, and pose intact is a lifesaver.

Lastly, I'm also working on Quiet at the moment as the currently-available Quiet model mentioned above has the kind of issues you'd expect from a model ripped directly from the GPU's framebuffer. That said, it may take some time, so if someone with higher standards wants to beat me to the punch, I welcome it wholeheartedly.

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