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You have *no idea* how long it took to find all of this knucklehead's textures, but it was worth it to bring gaming's best boy to you guys. Some notes:

  • This model is designed for Eevee, it'll probably look fine in Cycles but there may be some funny business. Requires Blender 2.80 or higher.
  • The rig is pretty basic, pretty much the game's stock rig with some minor adjustments and IK functionality for the legs. Perfectly usable if not ideal.
  • My man's ain't got no dongus because I can't figure out how people do that foreskin rolling effect. I may figure it out and update this, which would put it on Smutbase.
  • You can select which skin you want to use (all 5 are included) via a custom property on the rig, accessible through the N-panel with the rig selected.
  • Though the texture does exist to apply dirt/wet/blood effects to his coat, I haven't added that functionality or packed in the texture because I forgot and don't really care enough to go back and fuck with it.
  • On layer 2 of the armature there are additional bones that I believe were used for physics simulation in Fox Engine, you can hook them up to wiggle bones or cloth or whatever, or just ignore them.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Atvaark and BobDoleOwndU for creating the tools (GzsTool/FtexTool and FMDL Studio V2) that made this even remotely possible.

As far as I know, all of the one MGSV models seen in fan animations up to this point were ripped with Ninja Ripper, and speaking from experience, processing a Ninja Ripped model is a truly torturous experience, so the availability of these (open source) tools to extract the necessary files from the game's archives with rig, weights, and pose intact is a lifesaver.

Lastly, I'm also working on Quiet at the moment as the currently-available Quiet model mentioned above has the kind of issues you'd expect from a model ripped directly from the GPU's framebuffer. That said, it may take some time, so if someone with higher standards wants to beat me to the punch, I welcome it wholeheartedly.


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