Medicine Capsules


Doing that needle a while back was pretty intriguing, so I made these to go along with it. May do tablets or ampules or something next, not sure.

The capsule card thing has a custom property ("plastic" object -> object settings -> at the bottom) that you can increase or decrease to adjust the amount of capsules that have been popped out. I've set it up in 3 separate files: the carton itself, a capsule card, and a loose capsule.

Please note that this prop was specifically designed for Eevee, and as such I don't know if it'll look any good in Cycles or other render engines. Requires Blender 2.8 or higher.

It's not a real drug, the carton's labelling is largely just a bunch of gibberish. Don't think about the holes in the card's foil not being big enough to get the capsule out.

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  Capsule_card.blend  6462020-07-30 00:40:213.78 MB
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  Carton.blend  5652020-07-30 00:40:231.46 MB
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  Capsule_loose.blend  6052020-07-30 00:40:241.28 MB
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