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Mustard Tools


This is an addon with some tools for riggers and animators. It's still in early developement, so expect more features in the future.

Features of the addon

  • IK constraint generation for bone chains (with possible automatic creation of controller and pole bones)
  • IK Spline rig generation for bone chains
  • possibility to add bendy bones for both functions above
  • mouth controller (for quicker mouth poses) generator
  • Keyframes Slide function, to scale a specific set of bones and move the other keyframes preserving their distance (BETA)
  • additional tools (OptiX Compatibility)
  • full compatibility with Blender >=2.83


  • This is an early version! Be sure to make a backup of your work before using this addon on your work!
  • Install the addon as any other Blender addon (if you don't know how to do it, google it!)
  • Press N in Viewport, and find the "Mustard Tools" tab
  • You can find a very brief video tutorial here:


  • When I use the IK Spline, the controllers are generated far from the actual curve.

When this happens, also a warning message should appear, remembering you to Apply the location to your armature. To do so, go in Object moe, select the Armature and press Ctrl+A. Then choose Location (even if, in general, applying the full LocRotSca is a good practice).

Final Notes

Version: 0.2.0


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