[PMX/MMD] Rouge the Bat, Tokyo 2020

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[PMX/MMD] Rouge the Bat, Tokyo 2020


Included are 9 models, 1 by the original ripper and converter, Desperative, www.deviantart.com/desperative

The other 8 were edited by me to have realistic jiggle physics. This was done without the use of soft bodies, but instead hundreds of rigid bodies that are intricately connected. My DA page: https://www.deviantart.com/alupaf

The models are divided into 2 groups with varying poly counts. This had to be done since the physics engine has quirks that make getting accurate physics and accurate collision mutually exclusive. You can notice the difference in the "Collision" group of models since they have a tendency to bounce further than they are supposed too. This is because the 2 bodies that are connected to the joint are not both touching it with their collision spheres. If 1 is too far away, it will not listen to the limits of the joint as well, and it will float around past it's intended boundaries.


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