TEEF: Mouth Cavity Base Mesh Insert

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TEEF is a simple Basemesh to save some time extrusion modeling on the mouth.

Comes with a decent unwrap and lo-poly, all-quad topology. Should be easily connected to most game meshes.

The mesh has a mirror modifier on it that will create the other half of the texture when applied. While painting it will keep it symmetrical.

Version 1: Init

Version 2: Adds 3 tooth meshes to the set. These come in stylization detail levels:

  1. Bar Style As the name implies, basically a bent cube. For very simple cartoon meshes
  2. Cartoony Style Not a full set of teeth, but enough softly shaped object to fill a mouth and make subtle curves
  3. Dixar Style Is a full set of teeth, still not filled with detail but a great base to get started on.

Version 3: Adds 1 tooth mesh

  1. Game Style Unifies Teeth and Gums into a single mesh.

All meshes are unwrapped.
The tongue has a shape key that tucks it behind the teeth. When disabled, it leaves the tongue straight and perfect for rigging.


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  Teef_Version_3_0.blend   578 2021-10-16 16:12:20 444.96 KB
  Teef_Version_2_0.blend   1603 2020-04-14 22:49:28 332.79 KB
  MouthBaseMesh.blend   1725 2020-03-31 10:45:43 148.83 KB
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