Shepard's Cabin [Blender]

Shepard's Cabin [Blender]
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Shepard's Cabin [Blender]
Shepard's Cabin [Blender]
Shepard's Cabin [Blender]
Shepard's Cabin [Blender]


As a precursor before my Miranda model is released, here’s shepard’s cabin from Mass Effect 3. This map was very popular to use in SFM, so it's only fitting that it comes Blender.

All of the materials in this map were made with the principled shader, and are rendered in Blender’s Cycles renderer. Also note that this map does have some changes to it’s look under color management tab, so if you don’t like the high contrast look of the map, just edit the color management sliders.

All of the textures are packed into the blend file, so make sure to unpack all of the textures to save on loading times.(File/External Data/Unpack all into Files)


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  Shepards_Cabin_nmWcn7c.blend  59772018-12-05 01:21:1967.26 MB
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