Watchpoint: Gibraltar (escort spawn room)

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In this file you will find:

  1. the spawn room for attackers + a little bit of open outside space (mainly for the looks when staring out the windows)
  2. a light hierarchy that is toggle-able (message me if there is an error), the lighting is a bit off I am not the best with indoor full lighting so I just added a few point lights here and there. You will most likely be doing the lights yourself anyways.
  3. some custom floor textures and object textures because I could not for the life of me find the source textures.

If you have any problems please leave me a message on my tumblr or discord and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Discord: Tumblr:

Note: Some objects will appear black, I fixed this on my files but for some reason they don't save properly when I upload them. Dont worry!, just go into node editor and all the stuff you need is there

Declaration: I take no credit for any of the content in this file, all rights go to the original content creators Please enjoy!

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